Windows Store error 0x80073cf9

So ironically enough, I had issues downloading my own app (which you can download here!)

Luckily, with the powers of the internet and my fellow Evangelist David Washington (thanks David!) I was able to resolve the issue. 

Try any/all of the tips below if you experience the same issue: 

Try this to fix your download issue:

1)      Go to start

2)      Type “wsreset” hit enter

3)      Try to launch

 That deletes the store caches.

If that doesn’t work try this:

1)      Launch store

2)      Go to settings charm

3)      Click app updates

4)      Click “sync licenses” button

If that doesn’t work try reboot then try again! 

These forums are also helpful:



Feel free to let me know how this works for you. I'd be interested to learn other ways to fix this issue. That being said, these fixes worked for me :)