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Hi all-

My name is Nate Bruneau, I am a Service Engineer for Microsoft IT. I wanted to share my experiences deploying SharePoint 2010 in an automated fashion - to both help the SharePoint Community and share some of our Microsoft IT Best Practices.

Here is a little intro bio on myself:

My name is Nate Bruneau and I am a Service Engineer for the MSIT SharePoint Group. Our group supports all the internal SharePoint infrastructure for Microsoft and is the first customer for SharePoint 2010. For the last four years I have supported many products for Microsoft including Office Live (, Office Online (, Watson, Microsoft internal SharePoint Sites and Seadragon / Photosynth ( I graduated from University of Washington in 2006 with a double degree in Informatics, Electrical Engineering, and a minor in Mathematics. My work passions include process automation, scripting, dogfooding new technologies, networking, and service monitoring.