C++ AMP open spec published

Feb 2012: Published original v0.9. May 2012: Attachment Updated to v0.99. August 2012: Updated to v1.0. December 2013: Published v1.2.

When we announced C++ AMP in June 2011, we also announced that it would be an open specification. Since then we have made multiple interim releases (of both the product and the open spec) with the final v1 release this month. To learn more about C++ AMP, visit one of the links on the right.

This blog post serves as the delivery vehicle for the C++ AMP open specification PDF document.

Microsoft supports and encourages anyone to implement the C++ AMP open specification on any platform, and we are actively working with interested parties already. If you are a compiler, hardware, or operating system vendor who is interested in C++ AMP support for your platform, read the spec and feel free to get in touch.

Even if you are not such a vendor, I think you'll enjoy reading the 140 pages as much as we enjoyed writing them, so go ahead and open the pdf now:


To assist you in implementing the C++ AMP open specification, we are making available certain header files from our Visual Studio implementation under an Apache 2.0 license - you can download the headers in the attached ZIP file.

To further assist you with testing costs, we have made available the C++ AMP Conformance Test Suite.

C++ AMP Headers VS2012.zip