C++ AMP sample projects for download

For some developers, reading code (that fully compiles in a Visual Studio project) is a much better way to learn an API than reading documentation about an API. If that describes you, then you'll be happy to know that in between our blog posts explaining various aspects of C++ AMP, we also post blog entries that have ZIP files attached with VS 2012 projects, representing C++ AMP samples. This blog post will serve as a table of contents (toc) for all such blog posts. We'll come back and update this toc whenever we post a new entry with a VS project attached - enjoy!

This is our current list of public VS 2012 projects using C++ AMP - follow the link (Ctrl+Click) to open a new web page and then browse to the bottom of the new page to download the ZIP file:

  1. N-body simulation
  2. Binomial options pricing model
  3. Convolution
  4. Matrix multiplication
  5. Transitive closure
  6. Ocean simulation
  7. Bitonic sorter
  8. Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) test app
  9. Passing pointers through C++ AMP
  10. Mersenne twister
  11. Using C++ AMP from a CLR app 
  12. Using C++ AMP in a CLR project
  13. Using C++ AMP from a C# app
  14. Using C++ AMP from a C# Windows 8 metro-style app
  15. Measuring performance of C++ AMP
  16. 2D triangle rotation
  17. Image blur
  18. Histogram
  19. Matrix Transpose
  20. accelerator_view::create_marker example
  21. Chunking data across C++ AMP kernels 
  22. Multi-accelerator example
  23. "Hello World"
  24. Reduction
  25. Scan
  26. Gaussian Blur
  27. Mandelbrot
  28. Black Scholes
  29. Image Effects
  30. Random Traveller
  31. Morph
  32. Using CUDA Libraries from C++ AMP
  33. Fluid Simulation
  34. Antenna Radiation Simulation
  35. String search
  36. Julia Fractal Generator


Note 1: As we release new versions of Visual Studio and C++ AMP, we'll try to go back and update the ZIP file of each sample to be compatible with the latest Visual Studio and C++ AMP release, i.e. like we did with the Beta.

Note 2: If you have written your own C++ AMP sample, let us know and we can host it on our blog and list it here.

Note 3: For any questions with any of the samples, please post your question on the specific sample page.