NETMF 4.3 (Beta) on the CodePlex site

Yesterday we released the beta of the upcoming 4.3 release of NETMF.  This release includes the following

Feature List for v4.3

- Support for Visual Studio 2012 (Pro or higher) plus the Windows Desktop Express version.

- All v4.2 QFEs features and bug fixes (PWM enhancements, lwIP and network driver reliability improvements, Analog Output, WinUSB and latest GCC support)

- Improved diagnostic information for deployment

- Decreased boot time

Bug fixes

- Work Item 1736 - Create link for MFDeploy under start menu

- Work Item 1504 - Customizing lwIP options and memory profile

- Work Item 1322 - ToString("d4") doesn't work

- Work Item 1396 - Socket.Connect still blocked after reinsert ethernet cable

- Work Item 1388 - Change ToBase64String to be compatible with .Net on the desktop

- Work Item 1339 - socket.receive generates a socket exception

- Work Item 1338 - Debugging with sockets

- Work Item 1758 - SDK Needs to support VS2012

- Work Item 1748 - two minor bugs in LPC24xxEMAClwip.cpp

- Work Item 1744 - possible null pointer issue with lwip

- Work Item 1739 - Usb Zero-length packet

- Work Item 1624 - Elimination of useless code in USB Driver

- Work Item 1623 - Incorrect Response to USB Setup Packet

- Work Item 1571 - Relocate VB templates to correct folder

- Work Item 1329 - THUMB-code region with length not multiple to 4-bytes causes error in "systeminitializationhal" library.


At this point, the beta will be primarily for the hardware partners to test and build their firmware on.   Watch for your favorite hardware brand to come up with support for this so that you can move up to VS 2012. 


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