New Contributions from the Mountaineer Group

Today the first public Beta of the NETMF port to the STM32 F4 was announced by the Mountaineer Group.  The Mountaineer group is a neat collaboration that is just being announced between Oberon Microsystems (a software company focused on connected devices scenarios) and CSA engineering (a hardware and software engineering company with a broad range of embedded applications.)   “The goal of this group is to provide comprehensive software and hardware engineering services, based on modern embedded open source software and hardware platforms”.    The vision on this group is very much in line with the direction of NETMF and Gadgeteer – providing a robust framework for creating a wide range of connected device applications with the efficiency of a modern programming model and tool chain.   I am really pleased to see Mountaineer group engaged in the efforts for those two platforms.

This port is built on the work that Oberon did for the STM32 F1 that was contributed earlier and included in the NETMF 4.2 release.  With this new port to the F4 edition of the processor, not only do users get a faster processor (168MHz) but also one with 192K of RAM.   This means that users have enough room to support a TCP/IP stack, the Gadgeteer libraries, and ‘still have plenty of room for an application’.  The platform has already been used by a pilot customer to create a ‘successful demonstration of a product’.   This release is a joint effort by both companies in the newly minted Mountaineer Group.  The port is available as a delta to Version 4.2 of the .NET Micro Framework on at  The development boards that are supported ‘out of the box’ are listed there. 

Great work from Beat Heeb, Corentin Zill, Cuno Pfister, Heinz Aebi, Pierre-Yves Schutz, Markus Veser, and Stefan Brunner.  Thanks

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