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The Web 3.0 has finally arrived… It’s The Cloud

The 2008 trending topic everyone was talking about was the Web 2.0. On October 23 that same year, Amazon EC2 dropped the Beta label and the story accelerated:

This only means that the wait is over, the cloud is Web 3.0. Probably we should call it the “complex cloud” or “complex web” because it is very unstructured.

Sorry Tim: Semantic is fantastic but it has not crossed the chasm. Often we cannot tell what we really want to tell…

The web 3.0 is defined by interoperability; thousands of screens (different sizes) and applications on many clouds. PAAS is the real enabler of SAAS… and not the other way around:




ReadWriteWeb declared “Web 2.0 is dead” on December 2005… they missed BusinessWeek’s 1991 article Old software never dies…  The web 2.0 is great; it has helped consolidate the Social Media.

The web 3.0 is already here: It’s called cloud computing. We still need a breakthrough on software development: “Until the software equivalent of a bridge collapses sw engineers aren't compelled to a higher form of excellence”, until then, the apps will slowly continue flourishing.