New IT Compliance Solution Accelerator – Now in Beta Release!

The Microsoft Solution Accelerators Team has a new IT governance, risk, and compliance (IT GRC) beta release you should check out. It’s called the the Data Classification Toolkit (DCT) for Windows Server 2008 R2 and it helps organizations consistently identify, classify, and protect data across multiple file servers. Using out-of-the-box classification knowledge and scripted processes, this toolkit gives organizations visibility into how data is distributed across their organizations to help them apply the right policies, protect critical data, and identify potential data storage efficiencies.

Successful data classification management programs require proper planning around these key critical areas:

· Identification of applicable IT GRC authority documents

· Identification of appropriate data classification taxonomy

· Implementation of appropriate controls

The Data Classification Toolkit for Windows Server 2008 R2 helps organizations plan properly in these critical areas and enables governance of unstructured data scattered across any number of file servers. It integrates with the Microsoft System Center Service Manager IT GRC Process Management Pack to help organizations map classification requirements from various authority documents such as HIPAA and PCI DSS and to implement controls through File Classification Infrastructure.

Tell the Solution Accelerator IT GRC team what you think! To participate in the Data Classification Toolkit for Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta Program, download and test the tool in your environment and then provide timely feedback and suggestions to the development team. The beta runs through late June 2011. Submit your feedback through Connect and direct any support questions you may have to The Solution Accelerator Team thanks you for taking the time to help improve the features and functions of their products. Your time and assistance are much appreciated.

Next steps:

· Join the Beta Program and tell the Solution Accelerator Team what you think!

· Help spread the word—share the beta invitation link with your friends.

· Send your comments to the Solution Accelerator IT GRC Team.

· Learn more about IT Governance and Compliance Solution Accelerators.

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