We're Hiring Reloaded!

Update on job positions!

For the people that contacted me already: thank you. I've been forwarding your CVs as appropriate to our recruiters in the past few weeks.

Sorry for not anwering yet to all of you. Will get back to you ASAP.

There are several new job openings:

1. WPF/Silverlight designer in VS - program managers, QA, developers

2. WPF and/or Silverlight runtime - developers and QA

3. ASP.NET, AJAX, Windows Forms - software developers and QA

More details here: https://windowsclient.net/jobs/default.aspx

Apply while the positions are hot. I've got contacted by quite a bit of smart people already, If you want, send me your resume directly and I can refer you internally (and apply through the above site as well).

If you have questions about anything feel free to drop me email at nikolami@microsoft.com. I will answer or redirect it to the appropriate person.