Visual Studio Macros

Dylan Lingelbach (small)One of the areas I'm taking charge in Visual Studio is the Macro system.  We want to make macros rock in the next rev so I'm collecting customer evidence data to figure out how people are using VS macros and what would make them rock (like supporting C#, DLR, etc).  Dylan Lingelbach (face pic -->) is the dev working on macros (aka "VS Scripting") and he's just started a blog about it. 

Do you use VS Macros?  If so, I've got some questions for you...

  1. What do you use VS Macros for?
  2. How often do you use the Macro Recorder, and what for?
  3. Do you think you should be editing macro code inside the same IDE
    (or does the separate IDE for macros make sense)?

Let me tell you what we do know people want:

  1. Be able to program in C# as well as VB.NET, and possibly DLR languages
  2. To use Visual Studio Tools for Applications
  3. More access to the underlying object model

There are a number of other details, but I'd like to hear from you.  Got any feedback?