Nooooo!!! I could not resist (sorry Steve). I had to have one. Must purchase. Well, I was walking back from a Dr. Appt near Union Square 1 hour ago, and I figured I would stop by the Sony Store at the Metreon. If you are in need of a PSP and you live in San Francisco, the Sony Store got a shipment yesterday.

I don't have any games yet though. That's a problem I need to fix.

BTW - this device was $249. I never did purchase a Portable Media Center. $500 to essentially play audio and video seemed too steep for me (I don't have kids, and my tablet can play tv shows from my MCE box). But the price for this gizmo is in line with what a Creative Zen Micro or iPod mini costs. Compared to the PMC, the device is sexier, screen is more beautiful, and the entertainment is limitless. With WiFi built in, this thing will be cool. Now, I wish it could nativley play WMV so that I could more easily get my MCE TV shows on there.