So long MPx

Motorola finally cancelled the MPx [via Steve Makofsky]. I just pulled up this post I wrote last year on the subject:

I remember when I used to see announcements or rumors of Pocket PC and Smartphone devices and I would get so excited. I'm at the point now where I just don't care any more.

I've been dreaming of a smartphone or Pocket PC device like my wife's Treo 600. I desperately want a thumb keyboard since most of what I use my phone for is e-mail. So when I saw the Motorola MPX I was extatic, then today when I saw this new BenQ device I was, initially happy, then just plain depressed.


Hopefully in 2005 I can get a Windows Mobile powered device with a thumb keyboard for less than $500 dollars. I can dream can't I?

That was over a year ago that I wrote these words. Has the world changed in that year? Not really, except that I no longer use Windows Mobile and am loving my Treo 650. It's going to take a sub $500 device with a keyboard and a 320x320 screen that is as small or smaller than the Treo 650 to win me back.