Exchange Server: The Road Ahead

We’re approaching the one-year anniversary of the release of Exchange Server 2013. This is traditionally the time when people start asking questions like:

When is Service Pack 1 coming?
What’s the timeline for the next Exchange Server release?
What are you cooking up for the next version of Exchange?

This time around, we’re also hearing a few customers ask:

Will there be another version of Exchange Server?

We hope the answer to that question is obvious, but we wanted to go on record to make sure no one is confused. Here are the facts:

  • The Exchange engineering team is hard at work developing the next version of Exchange.
  • We expect the next on-premises version to be released according to our traditional release cadence (2-3 years after the previous version).
  • Microsoft has no plans to stop delivering on-premises releases of Exchange.

It’s true that customers are shifting their Exchange deployments from on-premises to the cloud, and it’s true that we are investing heavily in Office 365. We’re fans of Office 365 because we’ve seen that when customers run email in our cloud, they save money, they get larger mailboxes, and they get faster access to our latest innovations. IT admins spend less time maintaining servers and more time lighting up features that make users happy. Running Office 365 also brings us real-world experience that helps us build a better on-premises product.

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