Spam email and Office 365 environment - connection and content filtering in EOP

In the last related blog post we gave some introduction about Exchange Online Protection (EOP), what needs to be done when EOP is not working as desired and spam email troubleshooting process and classification. In this blog we will be moving further and discussing some more advanced option to stop spam emails.

1. IP Block list

The “IP block list” option enables us to block email messages that came from a specific mail server (specific IP).

EOP - using the the IP Block list

  • Login to Office 365 portal, Exchange admin center
  • On the left-side menu bar, choose the Protection menu
  • On the top menu options, choose the connection filter menu
  • Choose the Default connection filter policy
  • In the window that appears, choose the option: connection filtering menu.
  • In the section: IP block list, Choose the plus icon to add the IP address of the Mail server that sent the spam

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