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When should I use .NET Core? And when should I NOT?

Microsoft has recently released .NET Core 1.0 RTMWith the acquisition of Xamarin in February, Microsoft has three major frameworks in the .NET family: .NET Framework, .NET Core and Xamarin.

When should I use .NET Core?

Here are the six typical scenarios where you should consider using .NET Core instead of .NET Framework or Xamarin:

  1. Cross-Platform Needs
  2. Microservices
  3. Best performant and scalable systems
  4. Command line style development for Mac, Linux or Windows
  5. Need side by side of .NET versions per application level
  6. Windows 10 UWP .NET apps

You can read details about each scenario through this URL.


When should I NOT use .NET Core?

Here are the five typical scenarios where you should NOT use .NET Core:

  1. Current .NET Framework applications in Production / Migrations
  2. New large monolithic applications
  3. Need full capabilities of higher level frameworks like Entity Framework 6.x, WCF and Windows Workflow Foundation.
  4. Need sub-frameworks not supported by .NET Core.
  5. Possible frameworks to be ported to .NET Core