[Webcast] The WeFly247 Project

From the Learn247 crew:

"We are pleased to announce that shortly we will be releasing the follow up to the highly successful Football247 and WeRock247 projects titled WeFly247.

As per our previous projects we will release a multimedia training DVD that will contain over 60 hours of audio recordings and coding labs on Visual Studio 2005 and developer technologies and full source code to the entire WeFly247 suite of applications.

The WeFly247 scenario focuses on a fictitious airline company and contains everything that a developer needs to know about building applications with Visual Studio 2005 beta 2.

The applications for WeFly247 scenario are broken down into 3 areas covering all areas of development, including Windows Mobile, VSTO, Smart Client, and InfoPath and much more.

Pilot: Pre-flight inspection of the aircraft and in-flight monitoring of key systems.

Passenger: Entertainment system for in-flight entertainment.

Crew: Management system for managing passenger requests.

As we get ready for the launch of the DVD and sample code, throughout April we will be running a series of WebCasts to highlight the technologies we have used in the WeFly247 solutions and give developers previews of the solution which we will release in April.

18 April: 5pm – 6:15pm GMT

WeFly247 Application Walkthrough and Technologies

Come and learn about the WeFly247 project, learn about the technologies used to build the solution and the architecture design.

This session will give you a chance to get an understanding of the entire project and see all the applications working together as well as hear from the developers of the applications that built each application.


WeFly247 Application Overview

WeFly247 System Architecture

Building the Pilot applications (Windows Forms, VSTO)

Building the Passenger application (ASP.NET 2.0)

Building the Crew application (.NET Compact Framework)

Wrap up / Q&A

To access the meeting click here . We recommend connecting 30 minutes before the meeting takes place.


Step 1)

Make a reminding in your calendar to remind you of the event (do it now so you don’t forget). ****

Step 2)

Click the link to join the meeting.

The meeting will take place online, audio will be streamed to your PC."