I am - therefore I think (sometimes)

A blog on C.S. incorporating this and that from AI and adjacent fields - mostly as a blue print to document a personal learning process ...

I am filled with solutions

Essays on testability, testing and being a better tester.

I Have a Cunning Plan...

The Inane Ramblings Of A Dysfunctional IT Geek

I know the answer (it's 42)

A blog on coding, .NET, .NET Compact Framework and life in general....

I Love that New Syntax Smell

C++ articles, code snippets, musings, etc. from Andy RichIf this is your first time here, you may want to check out my blog introduction.

I really don't think, but I think I'm right

I. M. Testy

Treatises on the practice of software testing is now located at http://testingmentor.com/imtesty


Ian Hameroff

A Simple Exchange of Ideas

Ian Hameroff | Exchange Partner Community

Group Product Manager for Microsoft Exchange Partner Marketing team, Technologist, Gadget Geek, and Seattle Sounders FC fan(atic).

Ian Jose's WebLog

This weblog is intended to help T-SQL developers get the best performing query plans from SQL Server. Some of the posts describe simple mistakes that can be easily avoided. Other posts describe complex solutions to limitations in SQL Server. Lastly, so

Ian Moulster's blog

A Microsoft employee translating Microsoft technology into plain English

Ian Palangio's Business Productivity

Business and individual productivity topics with Microsoft Office System.


Ian's Software for Mere Mortals

Youngjune or Ian's blog about Connectivity

Ibrahim KIVANC - Technical Evangelist

Microsoft Turkey

The IDA Guys

The IDA Guys are made up of Identity Management experts from the Microsoft Technical Field. This blog will bring to you "on-the-street news", experiences and ideas about the Identity Management products from Microsoft that we live and breathe eve

IDA, Data Protection and More - Amol Bhandarkar


Floating Ideas Around - Catch the Flow!

Ideas & Solutions Etc.

perception vision dedication inspiration action realization

ideas on data insights

data insights to actions, actions to make a difference

Identidade e Segurança - Quick Tips

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management at Microsoft Note: All content is provided "as is" without any warranty, expressed or implied.

Identity and Access Management Support Team Blog

Identity Journey

Identity Management Extensibility

This blog covers extensibility points in ILM "2" such as the web service interface.

All content is provided "as is" without any warranty, expressed or implied.

Identity On The Go

Blog of Microsoft Premier Engineer Jordan Goodyear focusing on Hybrid Cloud Identity and Security

Idle Coding

Tidbits about coding for when you're bored

IE for Windows Phone Team Weblog

Information about Internet Explorer for Windows Phone

IE8 팀 블로그


Internet Explorer Team Blog

IEBlog Deutsch

Blog des Internet Explorer-Entwicklerteams

IEBlog Français

Blog de l'équipe de développement de Windows Internet Explorer

IEBlog Português

Blog da equipe de engenharia do Windows Internet Explorer

IEBlog Русский

Блог группы разработчиков Windows Internet Explorer

IEBlog 한국어

Windows Internet Explorer 엔지니어링 팀 블로그

IEBlog 日本語

Windows Internet Explorer エンジニアリング チームのブログ

IEBlog 简体中文

Windows Internet Explorer 工程团队博客


A look at Internet Explorer from the inside out. @EricLaw left Microsoft in 2012, and rejoined Microsoft Edge in 2018.

if (ms) blog++;

Random bits of (hopefully) useful technical information on Windows, with a focus on understanding and troubleshooting.

If broken it is, fix it you should


Igniting the Revolution...

Change the way that Microsoft does Marketing...or Get Fired Tryin'

Ignition Showcase

Providing ISV's with the resources they need to create new opportunities on our emerging technologies.

Igor Romanovsky

Core Infra Consultant | Microsoft Services | Russia

Igor Shastitko Technical Blog

Igor Shastitko | Игорь Шаститко - технический блог о решениях Microsoft.

IIS debugging and debugdiag

IIS Field Readiness - blog of the European IIS team

This blog deals with troubleshooting IIS and ASP.net as well as web related technologies in production environments - tips and tricks on development and product updates

IIS troubleshooting, administration, and concepts.

Troubleshooting IIS. Understanding IIS concepts. Administering IIS. And more!

IIS ve ASP.NET Notları

IIS ve ASP.NET üzerine denemeler

IIS по-русски

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