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"That most powerful engine of ignorance, the diffusion of printed matter" - Leo Tolstoy

M. Omer Siddiqui's Blog

Infrastructure pieces on the web

M.A.D. Blog - Modern Application Deployment

Blog about deploying Apps in a modern Way

M3 Sweatt's blog

Thoughts on time, technology, products and services at Microsoft

Maarten Mullender's WebLog

Maarten's blog


Mac Mojo

Macca's Musings

Stuff that I find interesting, and hopefully you do too!

MACH Spain

Machine Learning and BI Solutions on Cloud

Machine Learning Blog

Machine Learning France

Maciej ("Ski") Skierkowski's Blog


This blog is to provide useful information to my customers in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Madan's Blog

Made 4 You Blog

Madhan's Blog


All About Distributed apps

Madhuri Gummalla's Blog

Microsoft Team Foundation Server Build

The Magic of ConfigMan

Using the magic of ConfigMan to make your manual tasks disappear!



My personal System Center blog

Mahesh Unnikrishnan’s Blog

Mahipal Kante's Blog on Visual Studio 2010

Mahjayar's WebLog.

Mahmoud Badran


Mai Omar Desouki - SharePoint - PFE

Avid SharePointer

Mai-lan's Visio Blog

Maíra Wenzel's Blog

My view on CLR, documentation and random thoughts

Make it better

Make it Simple


Malar Chinnusamy's WebLog

Malcolm Bullock - Unified Communications

Malcolm Bullock is a Partner Technology Advisor focused upon Unified Communications in the UK. This blog will bring you news, views and How-To's on Microsoft Exchange and Lync, together with UC partner specific info. My personal blog at https://mbullock


Malte Lantin

Stuff for devs

Man vs Code

invaluable minutiae

The Manageability Guys

The PFE UK Manageability team

Managed CodeGen

This blog is to introduce some new features about Managed CodeGen in Whidbey. We provided a new way of doing LightWeight CodeGen, added support for emitting Generics in Reflection.Emit and there is some new exciting token handle stories in Reflection goin

Management, Mobility, and More

Steve Bucci's blog about Intune and Mobile Device Management

Managing and Deploying Windows

Putting Windows on everything, while finding the problems with putting Windows on everything

Managing Availability

The Exchange Server product group talking about how they manage Office 365's availability

Managing System Center

Managing the Hybrid Cloud

Tips, Tricks and Pills

Manas's SharePoint World

Manders vs. Machine

A blog about PIX, XNA, and other game programming stuff

Manhar Sharma

Manhar Sharma

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