R.Ramesh's WebLog

Radio MVP

eMotions of Microsoft

Radu’s Blog

DX Romania

Raf Cox Security blog

Rafael Godinho

Tecnologia para aplicações distribuídas

RafaelF's blog

Comments and code on event-driven computing and cloud, among others.

Rafal Kwiek's World at Microsoft

I'm a Developer Evangelist Intern at Microsoft - I get to help students & academics do awesome things with technology.

Rafat Sarosh

Tech Crumbs collected along the way ...

Raghavendran KR

Life of a Support Engineer

Raghavendran KR

Just another Technet site

Raghav's blog

Ragnar Heil: Office 365 E5 Nuggets

New Work, BusIness Productivity, Modern Workplace, Skype, SharePoint, Yammer, Exchange, Delve, Security, Insights, PowerBI, OneDrive, Groups, Planner, Video

Rahul Soni's blog

Never assume the obvious is true!

Rahul Thomas Blogs

Rahul's Blog

Rahul's blogs

You might get to know something new

Rajakedar Ganta

Rajee's Tech world

Rajeev's Blog

Never Give up Because, Everything is Going To be Alright!

Rajen's Technical Tidbits

Fun bits of technical information

Rajesh R

Its all about integration...


I have been working with, various automation and load testing tools since last 12 yrs and found workarounds/solutions/tools to fix the issues that I had faced. I am sure these are common to any performance tester, so I would like to share my experience.

Rajnish Kaushik's Blog

The first important thing is never stop questioning

Rakesh Ramblings

All you need to know about Microsoft Business Intelligence !

Rakesh Vemula Blog

Drive towards unknown

rakeshm's VM Management Blog

Managing a virtualized environment


Rakki Muthukumar

my journey with microsoft technologies - IIS/ASP.NET/AJAX/C#/Javascript/IE

Ralf Eßbaumer

MTC Architect - Modern Workplace

Ralf Schnells Blog

Ralf M. Schnell, Microsoft, über Virtualisierung, Windows Client und Windows Server

Ralf und die Cloud

Eine lose Folge von interessanten Themen rund um die Microsoft Azure Cloud und die darin angebotenen Services.


Ralph Squillace -- Docs, Samples, Docs, Samples....

Ram Ojha's Blog

Unfied Communications Diary...

Ram Poornalingam's WebLog

Ramaprasanna's blogspace

The place for me to share my work on Windows 8 and technology


Ramesh's blog

SCCM, SharePoint, Scripting and others

Ramiro Calderon's blog

Ramnish Singh's Weblogs....

Technology, Architecture, Products and more...

Ramoji Ryali's Fundas

The interesting things I experimented with SQl Server.

Ram's Blog

SharePoint, Windows Azure, PowerShell, Windows RT development

Random Debugging Goodies - (Jackson Davis's Blog)

random dross

Web security and beyond...

Random Hacks!

Awaiting my Bohemian Rhapsody

Random helpful stuff that I have found along the way

This site will primarily serve as my place to store links and info that I refer to alot as I work with MS customers.

Random Musings of Jeremy Jameson

Random ramblings about Technology

Random Ramblings of a Microsoft Guy

Microsoft Cloud, Automation, Manageability, Virtualization, and whatever else that comes to mind..

Random SharePoint Problems Explained; Intermittently

10-plus years in SharePoint support. I’ve seen things… By: Sr SEE Josh Roark

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