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Sacha Faust Web Security Blog

Sachin Blog

Sachin Rekhi's Ramblings

On Mastering DB Development with Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals

Sachin Sinha

Cloud, Data, Artificial Intelligence, Azure

Sachin's Blog

Exchange 2013 ROCKS

Saeed's Simple Blog

Saffi’s Technical Blog

My notes Azure, BlockChain and Integration

Sagacious Slog

Sai Madhav Tiruvuri’s blog

Team foundation server

Said Isbilir’s Blog

Sajay's Blog

Life, The Universe and Everything Distributed.

Sajid's TechnoTips

Sajith Sudhakaran

Powered by Passion..

Sakthi's SQL Server Channel

A window to express my views about SQL Server Database Management System.

Sal Bawany’s TechNet Blog

Thoughts on digital transformation, cloud computing, and Enterprise solutions.

Saleesh NV


Sam Jarawan's WebLog

Things, thoughts, ramblings, stuff...

Sam Lester - SQL Server & BI Premier Field Engineer

Sam Ng's Blog

Sam Roberts's TechNet Blog

ConfigMgr, PowerShell & More

Sam Stokes on Research in your life and studies

Sam Stokes writes about Research in a way that is accessibile by students in College or considering their College/University Career or someone who is a life long learner!

Sameer Surve

I have been in the Software Industry for more than 16 years and am currently a senior consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services covering US West Region. After many years of procastination for not writing a blog, here is my attempt at it. My current te

Samir's Blog [MSFT]



Sampath Kumar Kamati's Blog

Sam's Blog



Documentation compilers for managed class libraries

Sandeep J Alur's Blog


Sandy's Blog

I Think................ Therefore.......

Sangeeth's Blog

Sanjay Narang's thoughts on Azure and SharePoint

Enabling people to understand Azure & SharePoint better and maximizing its use


Sanjeet's technical outbursts.

Sanjeev Garg's Blog


A dev scratchpad.

Sanjeev's System Center Blog

Getting creative with SCOM!

Sankari Govindarajan

Sankim's Blog

상킴의 블로그 입니다, Sankim@Microsoft.Korea

sano the super geek

the endeavors of a professional geek at microsoft.

Santhosh Pillai

Globalization challenges... one at a time.

Santhosh Reddy's Blog

"My world of Programming "

Santhosh Sethumadhavan

Sharing the creations and discoveries from the Field

Santiago Cánepa's Blog

...de bueyes perdidos. (...about lost oxen.)


Addy Santo's occasional braindumps

Santosh Killekar’s System center blog

SAP Global Alliance Technology Team Blog

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