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How to use "Like" operator in the QueryBuildRange.Value

To make something as the "LIKE" operator in a query, you should just assign a value to the...

Author: Palle Agermark Date: 02/16/2006

How to get the label if you have the label id

Do like this: print SysLabel::labelId2String(literalstr("@SYS60825"));pause; This posting is...

Author: Palle Agermark Date: 08/18/2005

How to iterate through all tables and look at their properties

This job runs through all tables in the application and displays a couple of properties: static void...

Author: Palle Agermark Date: 08/17/2005

How to change the background image of the main menu

This is a very short tip: Add a file called "Companylogo.bmp" with your image in the share/include...

Author: Palle Agermark Date: 07/05/2005

How to add a combo box with runtime generated items to a Dialog object.

Combo boxes in Dialogs are added by adding a DialogField object with the type of an enum. The enum...

Author: Palle Agermark Date: 06/30/2005

How to pack and unpack an array object holding other objects

If you want to pack an array with values of the types class, the classes held by the array must also...

Author: Palle Agermark Date: 05/12/2005

How to display a TIF image in Axapta

One of my ISV Buddies asked me how he could display a TIF file of a scanned invoice in Axapta. He...

Author: Palle Agermark Date: 05/12/2005

Welcome to my web log

Welcome to my Axapta development web log This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and...

Author: Palle Agermark Date: 01/11/2005