GA - Partner Center SDK and REST API Live now

We just announced the general availability of the Partner Center SDK and REST API. The Partner Center SDK makes it easy for Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider partners to integrate their sales systems with the Microsoft Partner Center system which powers the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. Having integration with Microsoft systems means the CSP partner can focus on their business instead of on processing transactions manually.

The Partner Center SDK includes:

  1. Microsoft CSP Managed API libraries for use with Visual Studio 2015 or Visual Studio 2013.
  2. Sample web application using Managed CSP APIs to quickly configure and publish a website.
  3. Sample code for service applications or console applications using the Managed APIs.
  4. Full documentation and training material, with MSDN forums and other support options.
  5. Partner Center REST APIs which can be used by developers who have other development environments and other programming languages.



The Partner Center SDK managed API sample code


The Partner Center SDK sample web application


New functionality in the Partner Center SDK includes a direct API to list customers, an API to list available offers, the ability to validate a new tenant name, to validate a VARs MPN ID, to raise and manage support tickets, to access invoice details, to access Azure rated usage and much more. With the Partner Center SDK, you get identity token management, network connection management, and a Managed API object collection interface.

Partners who use the CREST and Graph APIs today can integrate the new Partner Center REST APIs with their existing code. We will continue to support the CREST APIs while partners are still using them. Moving over to Partner Center SDK provides the additional functionality available and in sync with the Partner Center, easy integration via the Managed API, the new sample code and training, and access to future Microsoft investment in the Partner Center SDK.

To get started or get more information about Partner Center SDK and API, go to