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ASP.NET AJAX 4.0: New Features and Functionality

In this 27-minute video, you'll learn about some of the new features and functionality of ASP.NET AJAX 4.0.



01:20 New features summary list: Client templates, Bindings, DataView control, ADO.NET Data Services integration, Command Bubbling, Markup Extensions, Observer, and Declarative Instantiation.
04:15 Using a client-side template with "short form" binding syntax in HTML to quickly define how to display the data in the web UI from the data source.
06:10 Write the corresponding code to use the client-side template.
10:35 Using "long form" binding sytax.
13:00 Alternating color rows in the list.
14:05 Selecting a row in the list.
15:30 Synchronizing the list to a data-entry form.
19:15 Two-way data binding.
20:55 Pushing changed data back to the data source.
24:00 jQuery support.