Less Lincolns: Windows Azure Extra Small VM Now Only $0.02/hour!


Less than a month after significant price drops were announced for SQL Azure, yesterday the Windows Azure team lowered prices on compute & storage!  The price of hosting an application in an extra-small VM has dropped 50% from four Lincolns an hour to two!  Translation: the starting cost for hosting an app in Azure has just gone from about $30/month to about $15/month!


If you couple in a new $5/month 100mb SQL Azure database, you can host a website in a dedicated VM in Windows Azure for $20/month.  It wasn’t long ago that the minimum price for doing something like this was around $90/month!

Also announced was that the price of Windows Azure Storage (blobs, tables, queues) has been reduced 12% from $0.14/GB per month to $0.125/GB per month.

If you haven’t considered Windows Azure before, now is the time to give it another look.  As low as those prices are, you can kick the tires and get started for the ultimate price: FREE!  Give Azure a spin with a 90-day FREE trial.  Or, if you have an MSDN Subscription, you already have a FREE Azure account built in…  activate it!