Windows Azure + Node.js => anode : An Experiment

I just saw a pretty cool video posted up on Channel 9. Elad Ben-Israel and Saar Yahalom from Microsoft Israel have been cooking up an interesting experiment in their development lair.  They have built an experimental platform for rapidly prototyping web apps on Windows Azure using node.js. They are calling it “anode”.

You can watch the video here in my post, or download for local viewing over on Channel 9:

anode is built by Microsoft entirely with node.js and uses many great open source modules written by the awesome node.js community around the world. The anode developers are not planning to release this as a service.  They emphasize that it's an experiment. That said, they are releasing much of the code as open source modules on github via their blog.

anode@microsoft blog

anode on github

On the anode blog, the team has posted some background information on the project, and the problems that it helps solve. Give it a read!