Security Focus: Count Vulnerabilities for Monthly Security Updates

Having a monthly single Security update makes sense. Have a cumulative quality update also makes sense. For example, two weeks ago, a customer was responding to the WannaCrypt outbreak by applying the May 2017 Monthly roll-up. Not only were the clients getting patches reaching back to October 2016, they were also getting improvements and fixes back to the same date.

Back to the monthly single Security update. Want to know the number of vulnerabilities addresses in all released updates?


Get-MsrcSecurityUpdate | Sort CurrentReleaseDate | % {

    $Count = (Get-MsrcCvrfDocument -ID $_.ID).Vulnerability.count

    $Update = [pscustomobject]@{

        Title = $_.DocumentTitle
        Update = $_.Id
        Vulnerabilites = $Count


    [array]$Updates += $Update