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Adding custom SharePoint Toolbar and ToolbarButtons in code

Part 3: Extending your web part to include toolbars SharePoint toolbars use user controls (.ascx...

Author: Paul Robinson Date: 02/24/2008

SPGridView: Using Filter properties

Great news everyone \o/ - a solution to setting an SPGridView filter has been researched and...

Author: Paul Robinson Date: 05/15/2007

SPGridView: Adding paging to SharePoint when using custom data sources

Part 2: Extending your SPGridview with paging controls In Part 1: Using SPGridview, adding menus,...

Author: Paul Robinson Date: 03/23/2007

MOSS Enterprise Search - 16 things you might not know

Hello everybody \o/ - a few bits and pieces you might find useful when designing and deploying...

Author: Paul Robinson Date: 02/25/2007

Deploying and debugging Web Parts

When it comes to deploying and debugging your Web Part, you're spoilt for choice. My preference is...

Author: Paul Robinson Date: 02/25/2007

Fix for error: Outlook could not create the work file

A friend of mine, Chris Fenly from Waterstons, got in touch today about a weird problem he was...

Author: Paul Robinson Date: 01/01/2007