Azure API Management Troubleshooting Series

Hello Azure folks… I was thinking of developing a troubleshooting series on Azure API Management for a long time… finally I was able to spare some time and developed some of the scenarios which would be helpful for the folks having intermediate experience in APIM. To troubleshoot these issues, you need to have some basic understanding of how APIM works along with the key concepts and terminology associated with it. You can refer this link if you are at beginner or Rookie level with regards to APIM.

First things first... Here are the prerequisites or instructions that you need to follow to setup the lab.

This troubleshooting series will not only help you to get accustomed with various APIM policies but also give you an idea how to leverage APIM inspector trace to debug issues related to failed API calls, exceptions thrown from policies, performance problems, etc.

So... let's dive into the troubleshooting scenarios:

  1. Scenario 1 - API returning blank response.
  2. Scenario 2 - SOAP based API returning 404 and 500 HTTP status codes.
  3. Scenario 3 - Receiving unauthorized errors (401) while invoking APIs.
  4. Scenario 4 - Performance hit in API calls.
  5. Scenario 5 - Request throttling problems and HTTP 403 - Forbidden issues.

Hope you have enjoyed and learnt a bit of APIM troubleshooting through this series. I will keep on adding more scenarios to this list, so have a close watch on this blog :)

Happy learning !