Extending Windows Azure Pack Using Service Management API

In the past 12 or more months I’ve worked quite a bit with Windows Azure Packs API layer, the Service Management API’s. Most of this was working with users who are not always C# or PowerShell users and they wanted to understand how to interact with the API’s. They wanted somewhat of a quick start understanding that is translatable into other technologies. In the Building Clouds blog we host many examples of using the Azure PowreShell commands to make things happen in the API layer like retrieving a token with the ‘Get-MgmtSvcToken’ cmdlet. The challenge was that all the cmdlets make it easy in PowerShell but not in other development languages.


Combine the learnings over that time into both a set of examples and a document talking through the basics.

I posted this white paper in my TechNet Gallery contributions here:


I also posted most of the testing C# code and PowerShell samples in my Github repository found here:


I want to add that these learning's should be used in conjunction with the many other resources’ found in both TechNet and MSDN as well as the many other postings found the net. They are not designed to be best practices but simply basic usable examples to accomplish needed tasks.