Microsoft Azure Stack Advanced Scenarios for TP1: Beyond the Basics

In the last post we deployed JSON templates and also VM Extensions to Windows and Linux VMs running on Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview 1. Next let's look at the installation and configuration of additional PaaS Resource Providers in Microsoft Azure Stack TP1.

Resource providers are suppliers of an Azure /Azure Stack service via ARM and are consumed in ARM templates. The Resource Providers are operator deployable solutions that offer value to tenants such as Virtual machines, Networking, SQL, App Service, etc. You can add resource providers to expose additional set of functionality beyond those included in the base installation, however it must be registered in Microsoft Azure Stack TP1. Within the Azure Stack environment there are several resource providers that are included out of the box such as Compute Resource Provider (CRP), Storage Resource Provider (SRP) and Network Resource Provider (NRP).

There are also three additional resource providers that are available for Microsoft Azure Stack TP1, that you can install in your lab environment;

We have created videos to walk you through the process to deploy the SQL, MySQL and Web Apps PaaS Resource Providers. Stay tuned for more content coming in the next few weeks!

Kath and Victor