Project 2010 SP1 – Improvements to Project Scheduling in Project Web App

In Project 2010, we added the ability to create and edit project plans through Project Web App (blog post). One of the limitations though was that the only way to edit projects that contained Fixed Work or Effort Driven tasks was to use Project Professional 2010. We knew this was a shortcoming when we shipped and from the feedback we’ve received, we know this shortcoming puzzled many of you.

Let me explain, essentially as we were getting late into Project 2010 development we realized that we weren’t able to stabilize editing projects that contained those kinds of tasks in the web environment. Rather than risk project plans getting corrupted, we chose to block the functionality and then stabilize it for SP1.

I’m happy to announce that with Project 2010 SP1 you can now edit project plans containing Fixed Work tasks and Effort Driven tasks in Project Web App.

Before SP1:


After SP1:


And proof that I can actually edit the plan:


You can learn more about task types and effort driven tasks here.

You can learn more about SP1 here.