SharePoint 2010 Easy Setup Script

Today Chris Johnson and I are releasing a new tool to help you setup a SharePoint 2010 developer machine. In order to make this process as easy as possible we have created a series of PowerShell scripts that automate the entire process of building a fully running and ready to go SharePoint 2010 environment. The scripts are highly configurable, but out of the box they will download all of the required software, install all of the SharePoint prerequisites, install other software such as Visual Studio and Office. The script will then install and configure SharePoint 2010. And finally the script will provision a site.

There are really three options to develop SharePoint solutions. The first option is to remote desktop in to a hosted instance of SharePoint. This may be an option for many larger companies that have a good server and support infrastructure it is often not an option for smaller companies. The second option is to download and run the Information Worker VHD that has everything already setup and preconfigured. This is a very easy way to get started but it requires a machine with 8GB of RAM and capable of running Hyper-V. Again many smaller companies and independent developers can’t meet these requirements. The third option is to install SharePoint directly onto your machine running Windows 7 64bit. The downside to this option is that it requires a steep learning curve to understand how to setup and install all of the bits and pieces to have a full SharePoint developer environment. This is where the Easy Setup Script comes in. The goal of the Easy Setup Script is to reduce the learning curve and time for a casual developer to get started.

Download SharePoint Easy Setup Script


Easy Setup Script Process Flow

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SP Easy Setup Process Flow