ADSUTIL.vbs – Copying a website

Copying a website (to another exact copy)

Here is the command to copy a website(run from a cmd prompt – c:\inetpub\adminscripts):

> cscript.exe adsutil.vbs copy <source> <destination>

> cscript.exe adsutil.vbs copy w3svc/1 w3svc/556

The numbers mentioned there are nothing but the website identifiers. After copying, you might see the other (new) website stopped – just because the old one still runs on the same port and IP address combination. Taking an exact copy of website sometime comes handy where you just do not want to restart IIS for restoring a backup, but can restore the copy you took after playing with the original one.

Copying only the ISAPI Filters (to another website)

This is pretty simple – you can use this example to just copy *any* node in the Metabase to another website.

> cscript adsutil.vbs copy w3svc/1/Filters w3svc/2/Filters

Hope this helps!