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FREBViewer – yet another FREB files viewer

I was searching for a FREB files viewer tool, and have done my own since the existing ones doesn’t give a few options which I was expecting.

Saurabh’s tool tries to rename the files with few more details which you can use it to open the right file. But, things will go wild if you have more than 100 files to look at, and finding the file (yeah, you could search) is little time-consuming. This TraceViewerfrom ThomasD plugs into the IIS manager as a UI module, and shows the logs for the existing websites. So, if you get logs from the customer, you need to put it inside any website’s freb log folder to view it with this tool.

My tool currently looks like below:


Gives you an option to sort the columns (sort by time-taken to see the longest running, etc), and also search through the list that’s built (not the content of the files) to see the request that you are interested in quickly. I would love to hear back on what more options this tool can possibly have, and feedback around using the tool itself. I’m sure it is going to behave weird for some scenarios (and since it is built by a human), I would like you to let me know.!19527&authkey=!AB56r0-iUjI-Ico&