DSCEA has been released - Introducing exciting new updates to Start-DSCEAscan

DSCEA has been released

Details on this release are listed below:

  • Introduced exciting new updates to Start-DSCEAscan
    • Automatic copying of any custom resources needed for a scan from the management system to the remote endpoints being scanned
    • Added a new Path parameter, which allows Start-DSCEAscan to take in a folder path containing machine specific MOF files to allow for a scan of those systems against unique per system settings
  • Added additional config examples
    • Config that uses non built-in DSC resources
    • Config that showcases using the DSC script resource
      • Thank you to Patrick Mercier for your contributions and feedback on this!
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed issue where errors were thrown when running Import-Module DSCEA
    • Fixed quote character issue when running Get-Help Start-DSCEAscan
  • Documentation updates
    • Clarified instructions on Report Generation with Power BI page
    • Clarified instructions on PowerShell Gallery - Offline Install page
    • Added page - Convert DSCEA scan result to CSV
    • Added page - DSCEA Functions Reference


https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/DSCEA https://github.com/Microsoft/DSCEA https://microsoft.github.io/DSCEA