Powershell - How to detect bad state VMs in a Hyper-V cluster?

integration components are a good indicator of the health of a VM as it can tell us OS and services are properly started. it does not replace OS/application but can give you a quick clue about the health state of your VMs. Here I used the heartbeat IC to verify VM state from a Hyper-V perspective further we created a daily report which is sent to our team with a summary for each cluster like. as the report is been generated based on HTML we can also add some formatting to highlight failed VMs a.e. in red

# #Creator: ramacan #Last Modified: 06/11/14 # # - Quick & Dirty detection of VMs heartbeat state # - can run from any machine which has failovercluster powershell commandlet installed # - check only for VMs with state running (bug with saved state VMs) #V1.0 - better output view

$clu=Read-Host "Cluster name which should be checked "
$Clusternodes=(Get-Cluster $clu | Get-Clusternode).Name | Sort-Object
[array]$NoHBVMs=@{} | Out-Null
Write-Host "scan heartbeat status for any VM running in cluster $clu" -foregroundcolor green
Write-Host "found"$ClusternodeCount" nodes in cluster $clu" -foregroundcolor green
" "
foreach ($node in $clusternodes) {
$AllVMs=get-vm -ComputerName $node | Sort-Object
" "
Write-Host "scanning node $node...." -foregroundcolor green
Write-Host "found"$AllVMsCount" VMs at node $node" -foregroundcolor green
foreach ($VM in $AllVMs) {
$VMStat=(get-vm -computer $node "$VMN").State
if ($VMStat -match "Running") {
$HBStatus=(Get-VMIntegrationService -computername $node -VMName $VMN Heartbeat).PrimaryStatusDescription
if ($HBStatus -match "No Contact")
{Write-Host ""$VM.Name"has HB status - No Contact ! detected on host -> $node" -foregroundcolor yellow
" "
if ($NoHBVMs -ne $null) {
Write-Host "Following VMs need to be checked :" -foregroundcolor green
$NoHBVMs} else
{Write-Host "Great - No VMs detected in cluster $clu which has failed heartbeat" -foregroundcolor green}
" "