Beta 2 Technical Refresh

I'm always late on posting these announcements, but as of Sept 9, the B2TR release of Office 2007 is available on the MS download site.  B2TR is available only as a patch to Office 2007 beta 2, so if you already have that installed don't start uninstalling it yet.

If you haven't downloaded Office 2007 beta 2, it's not too late.  You can download the bits still from the Office system preview site, however due to the number of downloads we've seen already, we're charging a small fee for the download (sorry!).  You can also order beta 2 on CD via mail.  Of course, if you do download or order beta 2, make sure you install B2TR right away!

I strongly encourage any and all ISVs to download and try out these bits.  B2TR is extremely close to what will be shipping when Office is released, with only minor changes in situations where major scenarios are blocked or broken.