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First rate posting on mem analysis

I was just going through some memory leak information and I stumbled across a newish posting from Tess:

This is a great little article with lots of juicy details very much in the spirit of one I wrote some time ago ( only with lots more examples and other goodness thrown in too.

I especially like the attention to double checking facts which is often overlooked. There were potentially several false starts in there but there’s good attention to each them so that we can get to the crux of the real problem. If you've been reading me for a while you'll know that I’ve been trying to encourage an approach where the early steps in an analysis are to first make sure there is a basic understanding of overall resource usage and only then proceeding with the appropriate detail. Some really nice work there.

Only one problem… now I’m going to have to go read the rest of her postings to find the other gems. Woe is me J