Process to free up space on C drive

Initial steps to move things off C drive:

  • Moved C:\Windows\Temp to D:\Windows\Temp
  • Go to Server Manager > Click link "Change System Properties > Click the Advanced Tab > Click Environment Variables button
  • Look for all references of C:\Windows\Temp and change it to corresponding path under D:\Windows\Temp
  • Click OK
  • In System Properties > In Advanced Tab > Click Settings button under Performance section
  • In Performance Options > click Advanced tab > click Change button
  • Uncheck "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives
  • select C drive, select Custom size, Initial Size: 1000; Max size 2500, click Set
  • select D drive, select System managed size, click Set
  • click OK
  • Reboot server

On-going steps to free up space on C drive:

  • Start > Search "Disk Cleanup"
  • Select C:\ to clean up
  • Select checkbox to remove files to cleanup
  • Click OK