The CLR is hiring

This is just a quick reminder that we're always looking for talented people who are passionate about programming languages, platforms and tools.  We're working on a bunch of exciting things to make .NET programming more productive and enjoyable, and there is an opportunity here to make a huge impact on the software world while getting your hands dirty in the guts of the Microsoft platform.  Check out the list of open CLR positions if you're interested. 

My team in particular works on the CLR support for diagnostics tools (debuggers, profilers, error-reporting, etc.).  There are some interesting challenges and great opportunities, and it requires working closely with all components of the CLR and other parts of the stack.  Here are the current openings on my team:

If you find this stuff exciting and you think you have what it takes to help ship mission-critical platform software to millions of users, then apply for a job and chat with us about it!