Rob's Last Stand: XNA, Microsoft Robotics Studio, 360s, Wiis, and Dancing Robots

Irish Microsoft Technologies ConferenceTalk Abstract: 

By day, he's helped mild-mannered developers build n-tiered architectures using .NET technologies.

But by night, the real Rob comes out.  The one that works endlessly - nay, furiously - with XNA and the Microsoft Robotics Studio.  And now, with backpack and camera over shoulders, he's going freelance, making the IMTC, in fact, Rob's Last Stand* .  Witness applications written in C# that run on Windows and the Xbox 360!  Gasp as the Nintendo Wii controller gets integrated into .NET to control a wee flock of boids!  Learn how to do all this stuff yourself!  And if none of that batters yer sausage (in the words of the esteemed Podge O’Leprosy), then come for the dancing robots.

Rob's going to give the talk he's been dying to give for 3 years, give away the Lego Mindstorms kit, and then boldly make like a moose, and vamoose.


Ah goodness, now you just have to be there.


When: June 7th, Irish Microsoft Technologies Conference
Where: Cineworld, Dublin 
Level: All
Who should attend: Developers, IT Pros, Designers, Leprechauns, my Mammy.
What you’ll take away: XNA, Robotics Studio, possibilities for everything from commercial apps to weekend projects, a sense of awe and wonderment at the interconnectedness of all things, oh, and possibly some Lego.


* By "Rob’s Last Stand" please note that terms and conditions apply, including but not limited to Rob making another stand at the bar that night.

Helpful links: For those traveling from overseas, here are some resources that might come in handy, in no particular order --

Aer Lingus website

Ryanair website

Air Canada website

International Dog Sledding website



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