Team Foundation Server and Team System: Presents and Futures

These are interesting times for development teams who are using Team System and Team Foundation Server for source control, project lifecycle management, process management and collaboration.

TeamPlain: Web-based Access to Team Foundation Server 

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the acquisition of devBiz, who created TeamPlain, a piece of software that provides a web interface to Team Foundation Server.  Brian Harry has the details in his blog, including screenshots and a look at how TeamPlain works.  Effective today, TeamPlain is available, at no additional charge, to users who own a Team Foundation Server and can be downloaded from here.  As Brian puts it:

TeamPlain has been in the market for about a year now and has been very successful.  Many of our VSTS customers use TeamPlain today and are very satisfied with it.  Our advisory council and other customers have been telling us for the past year that we need a web UI for VSTS and that TeamPlain would be a great solution for us.  We’ve listened, looked very closely at the product and concluded that they are right.  Today is the culmination of a long process and the beginning of another.

Team System Code Name "Rosario" Futures Revealed

Recently (thanks Martin) Microsoft released their roadmap for Team System and Team Foundation Server.

Because just what you need is another code name, the next major release of Visual Studio Team System is code-named "Rosario" and will be released following the "Orcas" release of Visual Studio.  Read on to see the many additions planned for Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server, which target architects, developers, testers, and database professionals (in addition, of course, to project managers).