Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, November 10, 2014

  1. Software Development Tutorials and Videos: Functional Programming: What? Why? When?
  2. Immo Landwerth: Using System.Numerics.Vector for Graphics Programming
  3. LightSwitch Help Website: Creating a WinJS Application Using LightSwitch OData Back-end
  4. Eric Lippert: Graph traversal, part three
  5. TechEd Europe 2014: Windows 10 Client Goodness with Joe Belfiore
  6. Andrew Robertson: Hour of Code - offering teachers free resources to allow students to learn basic coding skills
  7. Yingqin: Use Data-Driven Test for Parameterized Tests
  8. Maria Naggaga: Open Source & Microsoft
  9. Remote Desktop Services Blog: TechEd Europe 2014 Remote Desktop Presentations
  10. YsFred4: Free Xamarin Cross-Platform Tools for Students