What does Windows have that OS X doesn't? -- Full-featured voice recognition

I just saw a post by Brian Caulfield on Forbes.com asking the question, "What does Windows have that OS X doesn't?" His answer: "Full-featured voice recognition".

In short, here's what he had to say:

"A true Apple fanatic will tell you that everything your Windows machine can do, Apple did first or does better. [...] But when it comes to speech recognition, Microsoft is way out front. Microsoft shipped Windows Vista to consumers last January with a heavy-duty voice recognition system that allows it to do far more than just recognize simple voice commands--as Leopard does."

Thanks Brian.

BTW ... Speaking of comparisons between Microsoft and Apple ... Have you tried out our speech recognition work on Live Search for Windows Mobile yet? It, too, is pretty impressive. You can't do that with an Apple iPhone and Google Maps right now.