CMT Inspector for Lotus Notes "Express"!!Opendocument

CMT Inspector for Lotus Notes is the most comprehensive Lotus Notes analysis tool available on the market today. CMT Inspector for Lotus Notes provides customers with an unprecedented level of detail on their existing Lotus Notes messaging and application infrastructure. Binary Tree is making key functionality of the full product available in a version called CMT Inspector Express. Thanks to an offering brought to you by Microsoft's Notes Transition Partner Program (NTPP), CMT Inspector Express will be available free of charge in April 2008 to Microsoft and Microsoft NTPP Partners. CMT Inspector Express is utilized as a pre-sales tool to analyze Notes environments of all sizes and to provide meaningful information to help you have intelligent sizing, scope and cost conversations with customers looking into possibly transitioning over to the Microsoft platform.
NTPP Partners and Microsoft representatives are eligible to use CMT Inspector Express after being trained on the product. Training schedules can be found at Once trained and an opportunity to use CMT Inspector Express arises, please click on the "request a License Key" link below to request a key for the project. Upon completion of the online form, you will be contacted by a Binary Tree representative to schedule a meeting with our migration specialists, yourself and your customer to answer any questions your customer may have regarding CMT Inspector Express and about Migrations off of Lotus Notes and into the Microsoft Environment. After this meeting is completed Binary Tree will provide you the license key and the analysis can move forward. Please follow this process for each opportunity since each project requires a unique key.
If support is needed during the analysis, NTPP Partners are welcome to utilize their Binary Tree Support Packs received during training, or purchase additional support packs if needed. Microsoft reps, please utilize the internal resources dedicated to CMT Inspector Express by emailing