Blogging from the outside.

Blogging outside.Jenny talked me into going shopping for patio furniture today. I was skeptical. There isn't a lot of space on our deck upstairs. I wasn't sure how well a table, four chairs and an umbrella would fit. That and I was thinking it would be more cost effective to go shopping at the end of the summer when stores were more likely to be unloading their outdoor furniture.

It turns out that August pretty much is the end of the patio furniture season. There was very little selection and what was available was seriously marked down. Fortunately, Jenny and I found what we were looking for at Target for 30% off (my Mom would be so proud).

Once home we enjoyed margaritas then hamburgers and most recently strawberry shortcake outside with our new patio furniture. Now I am just chilling out, writing this blog entry in between long glances towards the sun behind the trees.

Sometimes I forget how nice it is to shift into neutral and just coast along for a while.