Rob Mensching on Microsoft TechNet Radio

About a month ago, I wandered over to MS Studios to have a chat with Mike Ward who hosts Microsoft TechNet Radio. Well, actually I was invited over by Mike Ward because he was looking for someone to talk to about the Open Source end of Microsoft's Shared Source Program and Bill Hilf gave him my name.

Those of you that follow my blog and the WiX toolset regularly probably won't hear anything new in the interview but if you're curious, you can find the audio downloads at the TechNet site (I'll update this link when the interview eventually moves to the archive). I can barely listen to it... it is so weird hearing my own voice.

Random fact you won't learn anywhere else: The intro that Mike gives at the beginning of the interview was actually recorded after I left. Like you today is the first day that I've heard that introduction... and he used my favorite quote from Time magazine. Sweet. <smile/>