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I haven't posted here in a while. For now I'm over at

Author: ronpih Date: 03/29/2012

The Trouble with Automation

Post from Trish Khoo (AKA @hogfish):

Author: ronpih Date: 09/05/2010

Important Blog Post From Alan Page

Author: ronpih Date: 08/29/2010

The Testing Blogosphere - Building a new Blogroll

Since MSDN Blogs moved to a new platform, I'm not sure what happened to all my old pages that...

Author: ronpih Date: 08/05/2010

Teo Lachev Reviews our PowerPivot Book

Author: ronpih Date: 08/01/2010

My List of Testing Blogs

James BachCem KanerTrish KhooAlan Page

Author: ronpih Date: 07/30/2010

Cem Kaner Interviewed on uTest Blog

Excellent 3-part interview with Cem Kaner: Part 1Part 2Part 3

Author: ronpih Date: 07/28/2010

The Testing Blogosphere

Yesterday I noticed that my view of the testing blogosphere is way out of date. Need to get back...

Author: ronpih Date: 07/21/2010

A New BI Blog

Cristian Petculescu, principal architect on the Analysis Services team, has started blogging....

Author: ronpih Date: 07/07/2010

Management Trumps Culture

Author: ronpih Date: 07/06/2010

Dorset House Books on Kindle?

A few years ago and the CAST conference, I talked to one of the owners of Dorset House publishing...

Author: ronpih Date: 07/05/2010

Blog post from SQL Azure team on getting started with PowerPivot and SQL Azure

Author: ronpih Date: 06/23/2010

Don't be a follower (from Rob Lambert)

Important blog post: (via James...

Author: ronpih Date: 06/21/2010

I am now a published Author

Looks like our book has moved from "preorder" status to being available. Kindle version is here. I...

Author: ronpih Date: 06/06/2010

Software Testing Blogs Page

It looks like with the new blogging framework the lists on my pages aren't showing up anymore. Since...

Author: ronpih Date: 06/02/2010


Does the blogging platform update work?

Author: ronpih Date: 05/24/2010

John Hancock (AS PM) on PowerPivot data feeds

Author: ronpih Date: 04/22/2010

SQL Server 2008 R2 from Mary-Jo Foley;post-5973

Author: ronpih Date: 04/21/2010

Microsoft Pushes BI for the Masses: 500 Million Prospects

Author: ronpih Date: 04/09/2010

PowerPivot for Excel Setup on Windows Vista

This post will talk about setting up PowerPivot for Excel on the Windows Vista Operating System....

Author: ronpih Date: 04/06/2010

PowerPivot for Excel 2010 November CTP Expired

Author: ronpih Date: 04/02/2010

Missing: Michael Hunters blog posts

Sadly, it appears that DDJ has removed Michael Hunters blog posts on "Five questions with..." and...

Author: ronpih Date: 04/01/2010

PowerPivot for Excel Setup on Windows XP

This post will talk about setting up PowerPivot for Excel on the Windows XP operating system. Before...

Author: ronpih Date: 03/31/2010

Coming Soon: PowerPivot for Excel Setup on Various OS's

Now that we are more or less final on the features of PowerPivot for Excel, I thought I would do a...

Author: ronpih Date: 03/23/2010

Python Resources - Guido van Rossum's Python...

Author: ronpih Date: 12/31/2009

PowerPivot FAQ

Author: ronpih Date: 12/31/2009

James Bach on Hanselminutes

Author: ronpih Date: 12/05/2009

PowerPivot Pro Meets the Social Media Samurai

Author: ronpih Date: 11/22/2009

Office 14 Beta 2 / PowerPivot for Excel CTP3 - You must install "Office Shared Features"

Some folks are having problems with PowerPivot for Excel CTP3. In all cases we have seen, this is...

Author: ronpih Date: 11/18/2009

Nice Post from Marlena Compton - Testing is Interdisciplinary.

Author: ronpih Date: 11/18/2009

Stack Exchange Testing Site

I just found out about this today: I'm there...

Author: ronpih Date: 11/02/2009

PowerPivot Resources

Lots of stuff happening in PowerPivot-land so I've added a section on the right for PowerPivot...

Author: ronpih Date: 11/01/2009

Zero to 60 in 2.8...

Wow, Rob is really on fire as a blogger. I'd say if you want to stay abreast of the PowerPivot...

Author: ronpih Date: 11/01/2009

Maturity Models have it backwards

(via Esther Derby on Twitter)...

Author: ronpih Date: 10/29/2009

Rob Collie Blogging

(via Donald Farmer on Twitter) Rob is a program manager (I think) on our team and has just started a...

Author: ronpih Date: 10/27/2009

Donald Farmer on Gemini on .NET Rocks!

Author: ronpih Date: 10/21/2009

Gemini Blog Posts

Our PMs are starting to author Gemini blog posts that describe various aspects of Gemini. There are...

Author: ronpih Date: 09/24/2009

How unique can it be?

Filling out a web form this morning I came upon this field: "In lieu of a signature, we require a...

Author: ronpih Date: 09/22/2009

Gemini on Channel 9

Two of my hall-mates, Julie and Donald, are interviewed on Channel9 about project Gemini.

Author: ronpih Date: 09/07/2009


(Yet another short Gemini video):...

Author: ronpih Date: 08/29/2009

Buying Books

I like buying books from Amazon. They have really done a great job of making book buying...

Author: ronpih Date: 08/28/2009


Donald Farmer is doing a series of "Gemini in one minute or less" screencasts at...

Author: ronpih Date: 08/20/2009

Gemini Emerging

The product that our team has been working on for a while is starting to emerge. We have released...

Author: ronpih Date: 08/17/2009

Running Around...

Taking a day off from work to run around and do some errands; doctor, dentist appointments. In...

Author: ronpih Date: 07/16/2009

Bug in Community Server?

This is strange. I just create a "page" on my blog that contained a list of software development...

Author: ronpih Date: 05/09/2009

List of Software Development Blogs

Continuing my every-once-in-a-while theme of collection blogs related to a particular topic, I have...

Author: ronpih Date: 05/09/2009

Software Development Blogs

Coding HorrorJoel On SoftwareOne Div ZeroScott Hanselman's Computer ZenStevey's Blog Rants

Author: ronpih Date: 05/09/2009

Free Copy of Ignore Everybody

I just received confirmation that I will be receiving a free autographed copy of Hugh MacLeod's...

Author: ronpih Date: 05/07/2009

AnitaG's Blog

Anita George is a principle test manager at Microsoft and has started to blog about test management....

Author: ronpih Date: 05/06/2009