HIMSS 2009 – WOW!

Amalga UIS 2009Ok, I have been to a few HIMSS with Microsoft now, but I must say that this one, by all means exceeded my expectations.

We had two days of in-depth training with our field before the show and that was great. All the content was spot on (at least from my perspective :-), we had a great representation from across the company and an awesome session with two of our current customers.

The show was the busiest for Microsoft in all the 8 years I have been at HIMSS. I was there most of the time and I literally did not have the time to shut up for more than 2 minutes. I talked to our current customers about the new release for the product, prospect customer about the value of Amalga UIS and how that can be used to help address their problems and potential partners about what opportunities exist for them on Amalga UIS. All the demos rocked and the booth design was absolutely great.

The great thing was the response we got from the people there. Many heard about the product before or were referred by a friend or person they knew. It is amazing to see the difference one year makes in awareness. I must thank of course our customer for being great advocates and showing new and innovative uses for the product.

This is all happening before and while we announce two major pieces of news:

  • New York Presbyterian Hospital is the first Amalga UIS customer to connect Amalga UIS and HealthVault to provide their customers with online access and control over their health records with the mynyp portal. This leverages a feature of Amalga UIS that allows direct connection to HealthVault.
  • A new version of Amalga UIS is released to the market. This is the second major release of the product after the acquisition from Medstar in 2006. The product is also renamed from Amalga to Amalga Unified Intelligence System or Amalga UIS. This is to distinguish from our Amalga HIS product. The name Amalga stays and it’s meant to address the entire family of enterprise products: Amalga UIS and Amalga HIS

As part of the announcement we also announced three modules for Amalga UIS:

Each module has its unique value proposition, but each one of them leverages the ability for Amalga UIS to aggregate data in real time from multiple systems and present that in an amalgamated (pun intended :-) fashion. I will go into more detail for the modules in a future post.

We also released a new, improved version of the web site with more information and details about the product, in particular:

Other health groups at Microsoft have also been very busy and we released a new version of the Connected Health Framework – Architecture and Design Blueprint. Kudos to Teddy, Ilia and all the people that have contributed to this new version!

I look forward to share more of the exciting things we’re working on with you. Stay tuned!