Microsoft Health IT Blogs [Update]

I have consolidated a list of blogs about Microsoft technologies in Health IT and shared as a Windows Live Collection that will add a page to your personalized Windows Live home.

Windows Live works on pretty much any browser, but if you want to add the collection to your favorite RSS Reader, I also posted the OPML file on my SkyDrive:

Version 1 of the list includes the following blogs:

I am also looking for other blogs to add to the list.

In order to get on the list :-) the blog needs to be about the use of Microsoft technologies in Health IT and must be active. Feel free to get in touch with me via the contact form or the comments section.

Update: I wanted to add a clarification. The blogs linked are not all blogs from Microsoft, but *about* Microsoft technology in Health IT. We have some great members of the community that have excellent blogs and do not work for Microsoft.